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Alfalfa Partners® brand provides the largest and most diverse offering of alfalfa seed varieties that are planted on millions of acres around the world. We are focused on high yields and forage quality in your growing environment.

S&W Seed Company has been breeding the highest quality alfalfa for over 35 years with a dominant position worldwide, and is now positioned to be a leader in both alfalfa and sorghum breeding, production, and marketing in North America.

For additional information about Alfalfa Partners® seed products, call 720-506-9191.


Our alfalfa breeding program is continuously driving improvements in our germplasm to create better performing varieties for our customers. Through both classical breeding and biotechnology initiatives, we are committed to offering the largest and most diverse platform of traits available in the world.

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We sell our alfalfa seed varieties in more than 30 countries around the globe through one of the industry’s largest distribution networks. Contact us and ask our team of agronomists to find the variety that is most suited to your growing environment.

Our Team

Sales & Marketing

Brent Johnson
VP Sales & Marketing Americas

Robin Newell
Director of Alfalfa Product Marketing

Lauren Lechner
Marketing Director