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Alfalfa Breeding Program (Years In The Making)

Alfalfa Breeding Program

Alfalfa Breeding Program (Years In The Making)


Alfalfa Partners brand alfalfa seed variety development is the result of a rigorous breeding and selection program that goes all the way back to 1958 when Pioneer began its alfalfa breeding program where the focus was on yield, persistence, pest and disease control and forage quality.  The Pioneer alfalfa breeding program and all of the legacy Pioneer alfalfa non-GMO germplasm were purchased by S&W Seed Company in 2015.  S&W brought the Pioneer germplasm and breeding expertise on board to continue the rigorous alfalfa breeding program. Pioneer continued to sell their commercial varieties at that time under license from S&W.


Today, Alfalfa Partners brand alfalfa seed from S&W brings that outstanding germplasm to alfalfa farmers, with its rich history and newly developed varieties. Look to Alfalfa Partners for continuing improvements in yield, forage quality, persistence, and disease and pest resistance as we bring you even better variety and choice today.

If you liked 55V50 or 55Q27, you’re going to love the new SW5615! Or, if you liked 54Q29, 54Q16 or 54Q52, you should try SW4107 and the new SW4515 on for size.

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