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Dormancy 5 Alfalfa

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Very high yield potential, fall dormancy 5 alfalfa variety with a strong performance record in research trials across a wide area.

Key Advantages

  • SW5615 is highly resistant to nine major alfalfa pests and diseases
  • Winter Survival Index of 1: Extremely Winter-Hardy
  • High resistance to Phytophthora & Aphanomyces root rots, multiple races and biotypes
  • High resistance to stem nematodes
  • SW5615 is an excellent replace-ment for Pioneer 55V50 with increased yield and forage quality
  • A superb choice for overall yield, forage quality and stand persistence

Major Pest Resistance

  • Anthracnose – Highly Resistant
  • Phytopthora Root Rot – Highly Resistant
  • Aphanomyces (race 1) – Highly Resistant
  • Aphanomyces (race 2) – Highly Resistant
  • Bacterial Wilt – Highly Resistant
  • Verticillium Wilt – Highly Resistant
  • Fusarium Wilt – Highly Resistant
  • Stem Nematode – Highly Resistant
  • Pea Aphid – Resistant
  • Spotted Aphid – Resistant

(Pest Resistance Rating Scale: Highly Resistant, Resistant, Moderately Resistant, Low Resistance, Susceptible)

Agronomic Traits

  • DRI Score – 35
  • Fall Dormancy – 5
  • Winter Hardiness – Extremely Hardy

(Winter Hardiness Rating Scale: Extremely Hardy, Very Hardy, Hardy, Semi-dormant, Non-dormant)

Where to Buy

We sell our products to more than 35 countries around the world. Our team of agronomists can help you find the variety best suited to your growing environment.